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July 9, 2011
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It was just like her. Stupid nuisance.
"And then it was like-" The pink pony made a strange noise that pierced my ears. It carried out for about twenty seconds, then she continued her story, "So then I-"
"Pinkie!" I looked at her crossly, "Can you tone it down a little? I'm starting to gain a headache. How can I possibly continue my studies in magic if I can't hear myself think?"
Pinkie sighed a little, "Sorry, Twilight, it's just, everypony is busy doing their own things - If you know what I mean. What am I saying? Of course you know-" Pinkie Pie kept talking, but I blocked her out. The Princess was going to be furious if I didn't keep up with my work. I focused for about five minutes before her voice flowed back into my ears.
"So I was like, 'Dashie, what's with you and Apple Jack, anyway?' and she was like, 'Oh well, you know, stuff'. And I was like-"
"Pinkie..." I warned.
"Right! I'll be quiet!" The party pony imaginably zipped her lips shut using her hoof. I eyed her questionably. I doubted that she could keep quiet for longer than an hour. How unsurprising that the pink mare burst into words after ten minutes.
"I'm sorry, Twilight! I just can't help it! I have to talk, it's so hard not to. Just like the time we all went through the poison joke! I mean, it was so strange to not talk! If I don't talk I won't-"
"ENOUGH! Pinkie, you can sit down and shut up, or you can get out of my sight! This is really important!" I regretted yelling at her. I did. Especially when she cowered and made herself resemble Fluttershy. The volume from her mane seemed to deflate and she looked at me, her eyes clouded with sadness.
"Sorry, Twilight. I'll try one more time..."
I rolled my eyes at her and kept working. I hated to be so impatient with her, but she was just so... Obnoxious. Or maybe I was imagining it, since I was busy. I sighed. It wasn't her fault nopony else in Ponyville was free for playing.
"Okay, okay! I'll go! You obviously don't want me here!" She raced out of the room, I guessed she was heading for SugarCube Corner...
"No, Pinkie Pie! I didn't mean it like that!" I ran after her, but the earthpony was good at evading others. After a few feet I stopped and started panting. What the hay? She's probably going to SugarCube Corner. I'll meet her there.
As soon as I got there, Pinkie Pie crashed into me. We both tumbled onto the ground, Pinkie on the bottom.
"Get off me, Twilight! I get it! You don't want me around!"
"You silly filly, I was trying to tell you that-"
"That you never wanna look at me again? Huh! Was that it?!"
"Pinkie... No. Why would that ever be the case?"
"Because Dashie said that you were too focused on your homework than to listen to what I've been trying to say!"
I looked at the mare, hurt, "Rainbow Dash said that about me?"
"It's not about Rainbow Dash!" She half snarled. I traced back to what she had said before.
"What have you been trying to tell me, Pinkie? You know I'll always listen, even though I might not seem it, I-" I went pink from embarrassment. No. I didn't want her to know that. I mean, it was all fine and good for Rainbow Dash to be like that. But, I was a trusted student! I-
"You what, Twilight?"
I sighed and looked at her softly, "I really like you. In a mare-colt sort-of way... " I flushed a deep shade of pink. A Pinkie Pie sort-of pink.
"Get off me, Twilight. I have to tell you something face to face..." I obeyed her and got off her. As soon as she stood up she gazed into my eyes.
"Twilight... Do you... Do you love me?" I looked away and nodded, "For how long? Why didn't you tell me?"
"It's complicated... I thought-"
"That I wouldn't accept you? Of course I would! I mean-"
"No, I thought I would let the princess down. I-I'm sorry Pinkie, but it's my duty to-"
"Twilight. Your work shouldn't stop you from love. Wanna hear a secret?"
I sighed deeply and looked back at her, "Yeah, sure. What is it?"
"I love you too, Twilight."

And suddenly, I didn't care what the Princess thought.
Enjoy this mushy piece of text!

:lol: I hope I chose the right catergory. ANYWAY. Twilight Pie is my third favourite pairing.
I'm so bad, I've paired the six up with each other :lol:

Appledash is by far the best one.
And ofc Twilight Pie :XD:

MLP:FiM (c) Hasbro
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